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At 41, life makes more sense in the rear-view mirror, the path I took and the choices I made clearly laid out in my memory.  Projections of the future are so much harder and thus, far less accurate.  Especially through the lens of a 23 year old.

It took my being fired in 2012 to begin the journey of true self-discovery but took many more years to fully appreciate what I was.  My friends and family had suspicions early on, of course, and knew it long before I did.  By the time I discovered it, they had long since accepted me, supported me and were just as relieved as I was when at long last, I realized…..

I’m an entrepreneur.

Now, there are some who like to think they are entrepreneurs, and they are absolutely not.  There are some who believe they are “big company” people, and they too are absolutely not.  To help accelerate your journey, I have designed a deep and 100% accurate questionnaire:

Step 1.  Find a friend.

Step 2.  Ask them: “Am I an entrepreneur?”

Step 3.  Trust their judgment.

This blog is for both the entrepreneur and the employee;  the people whose career journey took a different path than they expected and who are right where they thought they would be; and for those who are trying to understand their journey.

Hope it helps.