The noise was unbearable.  A combination of wind, jet engines, teeth chattering and mindless conversation.  Hungover.  Actively on an IV infusion therapy to replenish the liquids lost from the night before, and flying at 10,000’ preparing to jump out of a perfectly good plane. The force of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 but there is a … Continue reading Terminal

January #hottakeoftheday

Here's the full list.  Most popular was January 19th (but who's counting...) January 31, 2019 The first full month of #hottakeoftheday is behind us. The takeaway: “Some days you hit the nail on the head. Some days you accidentally put the hammer through the wall.” Perhaps Eleanor Roosevelt said it better: “Do what you feel in … Continue reading January #hottakeoftheday

How a Large Bald Man with a Goatee Made Me a Better Manager

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery with one exception:  when your children are mimicking you when you don’t allow them to play video games.  In this article, I’m talking about imitation as flattery because it’s a lot less frustrating! As children, we model our parent’s behavior and prepare for the time when we live … Continue reading How a Large Bald Man with a Goatee Made Me a Better Manager